UM Airstream Self-Help Book


Stuff breaks, and goes missing, even when your Airstream is stored near UM. The shower head will freeze and crack. The drain petcock for the fresh water tank will also freeze - even though you drained the tank! UM mice will discover tiny cracks in your underbelly to explore. Mickey and friends will take up residence without your awareness. You were sold the Airstream dream, but it's still a recreational vehicle.


A Self-Help Book for UM Airstream Owners

We first spotted an Airstream outside our office. The pristine shine only marked by the bugs splattered on its brow. What a wonderful tale they must have of the adventures I thought.

Today, drafting this post about the Second Edition of the Scotomaville Series, it seems odd. What I mean is that the reality of a mobile life has balanced the dream with a wonderful respect of the weather, awareness of migration challenges, and easy to miss opportunities for sharing knowledge and wisdom.

Blind-spots are all around us. We have them hidden in our physical body. The first Episode of the book points this out with an exercise to discover the root cause of our bias, and fear. The remainder of the 48 videos linked from the book support the connection between self-help and Airstreaming. I found a wonderfully repeatable journey into self-awareness and self-help while living full-time in Airstreams.

Airstreaming full-time comes with surprises... along with judgment, criticism, and 'looks'. You might not expect to find flaws in your rig or your thinking, so it makes sense to have an example of how to deal with leaky transom windows and post-it notes of condemnation from nice UM Airstream critics.

This Episode is part of a 48 video series on UM Airstream awareness, understanding and managing a journey with a purpose.

We shared a global pandemic with millions of people that experienced fear, loss, hardship and challenges.

"We don't see things the way they are. We see things the way WE are"
Daniel Comp citing Dr. Paul Hegstrom

There are fabulous stories of human ingenuity, compassion, sacrifice and wonderful solutions that were invented. Looking at challenges as opportunities is an acquired skill. I demonstrate this with my personal transformation - with self-help using self-reflection video modeling and the goal of buying a 30' Airstream.

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Self-help Books for UM Airstreaming

Frustration, fear, rage, anxiety and depression are the norm for many people. It doesn't have to be this way for you. Exploring with an Airstream, going from ignorance and a lack of self-awareness to fulfillment and happiness is an expedition. It's a journey with a purpose. It's a personal Everest that starts with a choice. You can leave Scotomaville!


Airstream Self-Help Book for UM

Your thinking and your handyman skills are resources... if you recognize the process of incremental progress. In this episode, Daniel demonstrates both the psychology and the physiology practices that support well-being and accomplishment.

Across numerous expeditions, I video journaled, seeking freedom from anxiety, fear, frustration, depression, addiction, boredom, and anger. The outcome of my journey with a purpose - a 'Personal Everest' as I call it - was discovering that self-reflection video modeling is an effective method for transformation. For this reason, I created the Scotomaville program as a second edition 336-page full-color workbook, a 48-episode video series, and an ongoing online support platform for others to champion their Personal Everest.

I am guiding expeditions for like-minded eccentrics to "follow in the way I began" (Blaise Pascal). Explorers become aware of blindspots and recognize how modern life games our psychology and physiology. This shift in awareness and pivot of faulty mindsets can turn obstacles into opportunities, transforming the life they were handed into outcomes they design.



  1. "Expect suprises!"
  2. "Give yourself more time"
  3. "Yield - don't PRESS-on"
  4. "Ask refined and targeted questions"
  5. "Listen to what is NOT being said"
  6. "Don't go alone - stay connected at least."

Participants document their "journey with a purpose" and experience personal and professional transformation by understanding why we do what we do (wwdwwd). Simultaneously, they build a corpus for their family and digital avatar, passing along insights from hard-earned lessons and character changes valued by close relationships and future generations.

Airstreaming full-time comes with surprises... they are called scotomas.

Daniel CompAuthor/Curator


Challenge Your Personal Everest

The Greatest Expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. I invite you on that journey!

O·nus Pro·ban·di

"Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat" meaning: the burden of proof is on the claimant - not on the recipient!